Selecting an Egg Donor

 Selecting an egg donor presents 3 choices:

  • Using a friend, family member or altruistic donor

Ideally your donor will be under 34 years old and she will be required to undergo hormone level tests and an infectious disease screen. Depending on your clinic, further tests may be requested.

  • An Anonymous egg donor

Many clinics are not legally permitted to identify their egg donors and therefore you will not be given her name or be able to see photos. She is usually matched with your preferences ( eye, hair and skin colour, height, weight etc). You can also request her to be matched with a photograph of yourself.
There are clinics who insist IP's accept a donor the Doctor' assigns, but I do not refer to these clinics and you do not have to accept this as your only choice- there are alternatives.

  • A known donor

Georgia, Mexico, Ukraine, Asia and the USA amongst others are able to offer photos and detailed information including past pregnancies, number of children if any, area of study/occupation etc.

  • Proven donors can be offered by the clinics. A proven donor is one who has donated before with a successful pregnancy resulting.

Success rates with donor eggs are 50-70%, age dependant, with these preferred clinics. One visit is required, which is to proceed as you can start your medications at home.

You are able to proceed as soon as you and your chosen donor are synchronised as there are no waiting lists.

If you would like access passwords to the on-line databases, please email me and I will forward those to you.