Clinic and Patient Testimonials

Clinic Testimonials:

Cyprus IVF Clinic/USA Surrogacy: Janine has been a wonderful addition to our team. The presence she has, it almost feels like she is with us at the clinic! She has been great with patient coordination and provides an excellent liaison between patients and us. I could not have asked for a more perfect patient coordinator!

Egg Donor Agency, USA: No one does it this nice.  I was thinking about this/you in the wee hours of the morning. You go the extra 100 miles.

Surrogacy and Egg Donor clinic + agency, Georgia, Ukraine, Cambodia, Mexico, Kenya. "Dear Intended parents- I first met Janine Oakman when we had our first clinic. Initially I was impressed by Janine's knowledge in IVF, Egg donation and Surrogacy issues. For me it was still the period when I had to learn a lot and Janine was always great support for me, she always had responds on my questions and I will never forget how big role she played in the growth of our Network. Apart of her excellent global knowledge of the field and her great organizational and coordination skills I was additionally very soon impressed by her moral and ethical standards which also played big role in my future approaches toward many aspects of our work  and which  got core standards and values  of our Network as well. For me personally she was an example of very high standard professional which serves her clients with high dedication, honesty and who is always big defender of truth and High Moral values  - no matter who you are –Egg donor, Surrogate Mother, Intended Parent, Partner Clinic or Doctor. I know one testimonial is not enough to explain how great Janine is but I personally would love to express my gratefulness once again toward her and tell intended parents that she is always and will be the best support for you!!!

Parent Testimonials:

March 2016 Asia Surrogacy

Hello Janine. We're emailing you from Cambodia with our deepest thanks - I'm just here with our baby girl Xxxx, our boy Xxxxis still sleeping. We wouldn't have made it here without your advice and support. All our love and best wishes for the future. You do amazing work that really changes lives. If you ever find yourself in Bxxxx please look us up - we'd love to have you visit! J&E UK

Feb 2016 Georgia surrogacy

The world is kind after all:) Janine held our hand from day one when we were only in the brainstorming mode. She answered our endless questions and emails with patience and genuine care. Janine went above and beyond the call of duty and we are eternally grateful. Words can not express our gratitude for her efforts. We now have a beautiful, healthy baby boy and this was all possible due to Janine's extra efforts.. our dreams come true...Thank you and god bless!! S&B USA

Feb 2016 Cyprus FET IVF

I wanted to thank you very much for your support – what you have shown me has been really compassionate and helped me so much. Janine if I can contribute with a donation to charity I would really like to do so as you found me a solution when I didn’t think there was one possible and really supported me finding a clinic. God bless you and your families.  Kind regards Z UK

Feb 2016 India Surrogacy

For us, although it's the culmination of such a long road, it is still a surreal experience. After our 3 failures with xxxxx, we were prepared to have to experience a few failures with xxxxx. We  are just so shocked and relieved that it worked and rather than researching new clinics and procedures, we are caught up in the more mundane decisions such as what car seat to purchase :-) Once again, thanks for being our go-between :-) Thanks for helping us on this journey W&A USA

Jan 2016 Asia Surrogacy

Baby Xxxxx born this morning 5:30 weight 7lb 7oz Wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you again Janine, really without you this miracle would not be here xxx can't wait to show you her xxxxxx Love S & J UK

Dec 2015 Georgia Surrogacy

Well hello... So here's news...We spent an amazing hour this morning with Xxxx and Xxxx and, in the attached photos, have tried to rescue the best of what a combination of an iPhone 5s and a Georgian paediatric nurse's photography skills can offer (with a bit of my own handy work thrown in). Sxxx and I are over the moon.The boys will be kept in hospital for a few more days and hopefully we'll have found a flat by the time they can be released and we'll be able to take them back to our temporary "home" here in Tbilisi.Our surrogate has done a truly extraordinary thing for us in helping us bring these two fellas into the world and we'll be eternally grateful to her. It was quite the most fantastic moment meeting our sons today.  Big stuff. Great stuff-thank you once again for helping us with all of this, we cannot imagine what a nightmare it would have been without you. all the best from Tbilisi.  J UK

October 2015 Georgia Surrogacy

Hi Janine. We have just got off the phone with Ia and we can confirm our baby has arrived and is healthy and doing well!! We are both over-joyed!!! We can't wait to see and hold our process of arranging to fly out..Thank you so much for all you help, without you this might never have been possible!!! C&I UK.

July 2015 Nepal Surrogacy

She’s here! Our daughter has made us the proudest parents. She arrived yesterday and we’re besotted with her. Thank you for everything you did to get us here Janine. She’s amazing as are you:) S UK

June 2015 IVF ED Cyprus

Dear Janine, I am holding in my arms an incredible baby. There is not much more to say but an enourmous THANKYOU, really with all my heart.
Hope you are well and that you will continue to do your faboulus job! You are a wonderfull person and I wish YOU every possible happiness life can do so much good to others.
I will always remember you. S Italy

Feb 2015 Thailand Surrogacy

I would really recommend Janine oakman , I am a single dad from the UK  & had my son through surrogacy- he was born February 2015-  it's thanks to janine guiding me to correct clinic the surrogate got pregnant first time with the result of my healthy baby son weighing in at 9lb 3 , I have 7 embryos still frozen so hopefully in  a few years time I will have a sibling for my son . Janine always answered any of my questions I needed to know from start to finish & i will be going through her again next time I start my program for a sibling for my son. DA UK

Dec 2014, Thailand Surrogacy
Thank you so much Janine, for making this possible for us! We are now half a year old and we want to thank you very much for the way you’ve helped our mummy and daddy with advice and arranging everything. Love, M&T EU

Sept 2014 Thailand Surrogacy

Dear Janine.Two pictures that I really like of the Gremlins (isn't it a cute nickname??? Some people are dramatised when I call then like that...)Thanks to your precious help and support  all along this process, these two little wonders have become reality.We saw xxxxxx the surrogate today. It was a very nice moment. She could hold them and we took pictures. We will never forget what she has done for us.All my best. F.EU

Aug 2014 India Surrogacy

Dear Janine, Just a very short note to let you know, that our baby girl, Rxxxx was born on 26th August and we are both ECSTATIC!!! She is gorgeous!!! Thank you for all the hard work and especially asking and getting answers to all those questions, extremely helpful!!! With lots of love and gratitude, R Slovakia.

Aug 2014 India Surrogacy

Hi janine. Sorry it's taken so long, but as promised I have attached some photos of our little angel Axxxx. We are enjoying every minute with her. Thank you again for all your help along the way. We met xxxx and xxxx yesterday and they were a lovely couple and it was so nice to meet them, thank you for facilitating this. N & B Australia

July 2014, Surrogacy India

Thank you for everything and wishing you many, many more babies and happy parents and fulfilled dreams in future! You are amazing person and I truly and sincerely admire you!
I will keep updating you on our progress, Xxx R USA

July 2014 Surrogacy Georgia

Hi Janine. Sorry that I had not emailed you before as life has been quite hectic. I had forgotten quite how much time babies take up.We had a beautiful little girl on 15th July.This was down to you suggesting Georgia. Thank you for all of your help. You have been brilliant from start to end. M UK

June 2014 Thailand Surrogacy

Thank you so much Janine! I don't what would we do without you! You are like our little guardian angel! H&B USA.

April 2014 Thailand Surrogacy

Scan came back (see below) and there are two little sacs with heartbeats thumping away. :-D I've just now wiped the tears away enough to write. To have gotten this far..... wow. We couldn't be happier with that. Wow....just wow. That's really all I can say as words just can't describe. Axxxx and I are so very, very thrilled to have reached this point. To have one little heartbeat has overwhelmed us with joy....the thought of two healthy ones making it through might cause our hearts to burst with happiness. ;0) A&J USA

April 2014 USA Surrogacy

We’d like to thank you very much for your incredible help with finding the best way for us to have a baby with the help of a surrogate and an egg donor. In your help you have been highly professional, very knowledgeable and incredibly caring and we feel blessed to know you. We are also very grateful to you for putting us in touch with Rxxxx. The clinic has an excellent success rate. Also this option is more affordable like you said and it looks like it will be the most appropriate for us. We are very thankful to you for introducing it to us!Thank you so much for always being so sweet, caring and supportive! M USA

March 2014 Thailand Surrogacy

She is simply fantastic. God sent I would say. we got pregnant in the first attempt. However this is not depended on the clinic, its more the 'nature'. So I would say our embryos were A+ grade and surrogate mother was out of the world. The costings are in the contract. we are not paying a cent over. janine is just fantastic. she always clarifies things for us and when possible challenges the system if required. she knows the owner of NL well and that helps. we will have another kid in the future (we will see!) and in that case we will only go with NL and janine! scan reports keep IPs awake. so everytime there was a delay, janine would ring all the right people to get the scan reports to us. even sometimes she would call us in the middle of the night to say, guys we managed to get the scan reports just now and all is well.. go to sleep now. so in that ways, goes above and beyond in getting things done. Many Thanks Aunty Janine!! J&D Australia

Feb 2014 Thailand Surrogacy

Dear Janine, We are greatly touched by your patience and your professional and empathy were really impacted and impressed us! and we are so lucky to get your support. Thank you again and again! J&S Asia

Dec 2014 Thailand Surrogacy

Hi Janine, Bxxxx was born Sat morning; both baby and SM doing well. Thanks so much for all your help to get to this point. All the dramas were well worth it. A .Australia

April 2013
You have been so kind to help me...Do let me know your thoughts, and by the way, there are so many good reviews of your kindness and helpfulness in so many blogs. Congratulations for all the adulation. You are indeed kind. V UK

Egg Donor IVF 2013 ED IVF India

My procedure in India was successful and I am pregnant with twins which is exactly what I wanted so I am super grateful to you and Dr. xxxx of course but I never would have made it to Dr. xxxx without your wonderful and constant companionship and support. I can never thank you enough !N USA

Surrogacy with an Egg Donor 2013 Georgia Surrogacy
We are currently abroad and we have just been informed that the best of all has happened and our two amazing surrogates are pregnant.
Big shock! We are not sure how many babies we have but are so happy with the news.
Thanks again for your amazing support as without your true support and your amazing personality nothing would happen.D&T UK

Surrogacy with Egg Donor 2013

I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get you a photo of the girls and tell you about them - because it was my intent that you be one of the first that I shared the joyous news with. But when I get back home and things have settled, please let me know if there's anything I can do or write to refer your unique brand of care, kindness and expertise to others. I don't think any of this would have happened without you on my side.I know that a simple "Thank You" is totally inadequate - but it's all I have to offer right now. J, USA.

Egg Donor IVF 2011

I wanted to say a heartfelt Thank you to you! Without your amazing help, support and valuable information I would not have given birth to my triplets, a girl and two boys!!! They were born August 2011. My pregnancy was scary but I was healthy through it all and had a planned c section at 34 weeks! R, K and S are now nearly 17 months and I enjoy every day we are together!!! My husband and I have never been happier!! I am so glad you were part of the journey and I too think about you and the amazing work you do!!! A&S, UK

Surrogacy with Egg Donor, 2012

Hey Janine!  Thinking about you & wishing you the best.  A few pics.....the results of your efforts :-)  THANK YOU so much for everything!   Without you I wouldn't be loving this boy of ours.  Hope you know what a difference you've made in so many people's lives.  We are forever grateful & I consider you my friend forever. M&J, USA

IVF with Egg Donor 2012

Thanks Janine. I'm really happy that they were day 3 Grade A embryos too. They said women still can have healthy babies with Grade B embryos so since M & I have started this process so late in life...I wanted to make sure I maximized my chances. I'm a little more than just pleased with Dr. xxxx. I think she's an incredible find. I never doubt that God brings people in my life for a reason. It took me a year + to circle back around to you but people like you, Dr. xxxx & her staff that never tire of hearing patient's questions & answering their concerns is what makes traveling abroad & dealing with you both so great. I love her and if M and I aren't pregnant we are coming back & even if we are, we'll be back in 1 to 2 more years for our 2nd set of kids. Thank you for all your well wishes & prayers.* (I am indeed pregnant...thank you for all you've done & if there's anything or in anyway I can further help you with your business or your clients, please don't hesitate to ask...I will keep you informed of how things are progressing from time to time & hopefully in 38 weeks or so...I'll be sending you photos this time around of babies...) M &T USA

IVF with Egg Donor, 2012
I'm so excited...I just can't wait...I'll pray on it all...but I haven't been this sure of a donor since April 2011 when I picked the one I did for my successful IVF that resulted in a pregnancy. I'm so grateful that you referred me to Dr xxxxx and that you didn't get frustrated with me or give up on me...I'm also so, so, SO glad that I'm finally going with someone you referred me to...You've been a gem to deal with and I'm so blessed to have stumbled upon you ...thank you for being so kind and generous. T USA

Surrogacy with Egg Donor , 2012
Janine, words can't explain how much I am grateful of your support along the way!!!! thank you so much from my family to you!!! lots and lots of hugs!!!! Antonio, USA

Surrogacy, 2012
Just wanted so say hi here. It was great talking to you. I felt you had something more to give than just an ordinary "consult": I am so happy I found you, E, Sweden

Surrogacy ED, 2012
I am leaving next week on the 15th the c section is scheduled for the 21th. question for you, what i bring something to the surrogate? what do you suggest?
I can't thank you enough, i know i was a pain the in ass something (100% of the time) lol A , USA

ED IVF January 2012

Thanks, Janine.  I must say, you seem such a warm person to speak to about this.  You're amazingly approachable, welcoming, and understanding! :) S, UK

IVF with Egg Donor, Kiev, Ukraine 2011

*I did not recommend this clinic. This couple were offered reduced costs for 2nd/3rd cycles and decided to continue because they had extra embryos there frozen from their first attempt. The best we could do was arrange scans despite them not being requested by the clinic and getting a second opinion on her med schedule.

Hi janine, I thought you may be interested to know at first hand how the transfer day has gone, l can only say from the bottom of my heart l believe there must be better Clinics out there, sadly l believe in my ignorance being a first time IVF patient l was swayed by the cost....I am amazed they do not want to do a scan - l really cannot understand anything they do anymore to me it just seems they are totally money motivated and when it fails its just more money next attempt we make. Am l so wrong to think this? Well l guess we just have to do this and pray for a miricle and a little help from a little different medication as l firmly believe the little they suggest does not have any chance to result in a successful pregnancy. Unfortunately time is going on without a pregnancy and my advise to others would be the cost is just 1 issue there is so much more to consider and this is where someone like you l firmly believe is invaluable because you are unbiased, informed and excellent source of information and l wish to thank you for the time and trouble you have taken with each and every email l have ever sent. I have been treated as a human being which sadly l do not come away feeling very much like from the Clinic here in Kiev, l appreciate partly it is there tradition to be cold and distant and l truely respect other traditions and cultures but personally if there is an International Manager responsible they should have enough English to make the English speaking patient feel confortable, informed and happy. Mrs F, UK

IVF with Sperm Donation, 2011

Hi Janine, Just wanted to say thank you. Everything went smoothly yesterday and we're now relaxing, waiting for the procedures. M, UK

Surrogacy, 2011

Thanks for all the info Janine. Feeling nervous, excited and all the rest! We've really appreciated all your assistance and correspondence - we wouldn't have got this far without it!
Yep fingers, toes and everything will be crossed!!
Thanks again, S. Ireland.

Surrogacy, 2011

Janine, I owe you long overdue thanks for talking me off the ledge with your wonderful e-mail last month. I just can't say how much I appreciated you taking the time to write back to me with your great advice and words of encouragement. I never wanted to become one of those difficult, high maintenance IP's, but that's exactly what happened.  I turned into the classic IP on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Thank goodness you were right there for me - to offer your sound and practical pearls of wisdom.  I particularly appreciated the specific and balanced details you provided on all the programs, the options, the pros and cons.  You told me just what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it.  Immediately after reading your e-mail, I didn't feel so out there on my own - and it gave me the confidence to stay the course.
Thank you again Janine - for being my angel during this whole process. All my very best to you and the great work you do Janine! Gratefully yours! J USA

Surrogacy,  2011
Hello, M emailed today...... WE'RE PREGNANT!!! I cannot believe it :):) It would never have happened without you Janine! You have been absolutely wonderful.... We are so grateful! Wishing you many blessings :) M  USA

Surrogacy, 2011

As Txxxx promised, you have been both understanding and responsive and no matter what happens I thank you from the bottom of my heart. S , Australia

Egg Donor IVF, 2011

You are a wonderful person to deal with and a joy to speak to via email. Thank you for just always making me feel good and not bad about what I'm asking, going through and wondering. I just love that about your approach to your work and to dealing with potential clients.  When this is done Ms. Oakman, it's done...if I've made a huge mistake or one that is huge to me, I can't go back and I just can't have that with such an important life-long and potentially life altering thank you and thank you again for understanding.Thanks a million and have a wonderful day.T & M USA.

Egg Donor, 2010
Thanks so much for forwarding the donor profiles to me. I can always count on you to follow through with what you say you will do!I'm always so impressed by how quickly you reply to my e-mails. That kind of professionalism and dedication is rare. And I really appreciate all the information and your candid advice on how to proceed. It's just the kind of help I need right now.
Thanks so much for your continued patience Janine! Mr J USA

Egg Donor IVF, 2010
On Sunday X December twin boys made an emergency entrance into the world. Introducing T and Z. All are doing well and Dad is very proud. M and A, Australia

Surrogacy, 2010
We can't believe we are finally at this point.  You have made this process so incredibly easy for us. Thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf. C USA

Surrogacy, 2010

Hello Janine, Greetings from Norway! Now the waiting is over. Glad to tell you that both surrogates are pregnant. We are shock and yet so happy. Thank you so much for all your supports. You're such a wonderful person. This is a blessing and a miracle. Without your help this would never be possible. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Thank you so much. We'll inform you the up-dates. Godbless! N & G, Norway

IVF, 2009

Two years ago after several attempts to have kids, one night when I was surfing the net, i sent an email and Janine called me the following day at home and listen to my promblem and was able to understand my issue , located help right away. It could of not happen with out you!!! You are blessing!! Angle sent from God!! Thank you!  The twins Z n L Jordan

Surrogacy, 2010.
I never thought I would have children, I was diagnosed with Cancer and I had my sperm frozen. I met my wife and we started to try for a child through IVF, we went to all the places possible in the world and had no luck. We had the last ampoule of sperm and my wife had heard how good Janine Oakman was and decided to speak to janine regarding IVF/Surrogacy. Since that day we have not looked back. I am now waiting for the birth of my FIRST child :) and this was our first surrogacy attempt. M, M and janine are the wonderfullest ladies my wife and i know, they have given us a child, no one else could. They used 19 year old sperm and made our dreams come true. Remarkable clinics and remarkable ladies. How ever much good I say about them is not enough. I can never ever thank them for blessing me with the gift of a child. B, UK

Egg Donor IVF, Cyprus 2010 | S.UK

Hi Janine, Thanks for everything. We are fine. Good news i checked this morning and I am Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kindest Regards F+S+babies!!!!  S. UK