HIV Positive Parents

It can be difficult to find an understanding clinic who is knowledgeable about HIV and IVF/surrogacy options, and many do not provide for HIV+ intended parents.

Sperm Washing and HIV
Sperm washing was first used in Italy and has so far not resulted in any female becoming HIV positive. The oldest child conceived using this method is now about 11 and is HIV negative. Starting in the mid-1990s it was adopted to help HIV discordant couples conceive without passing the virus from the father to the mother or child. The idea is that when the male is HIV positive the technique will reduce the risk of transmission to the female. Today, hundreds of babies have been born through this process.

Sperm washing is a process where the sperm is collected, cleaned of the virus and then used to fertilize eggs in the laboratory. The embryos' can then be transferred to the female partner or surrogate. In 2005 Italian researchers treated 567 serodiscordant couples. Two hundred and ninety eight pregnancies resulted which led to the birth of 224 children. The sperm from all the HIV positive men was treated with sperm washing. The study shows there was no horizontal (in woman) or vertical (in child) HIV seroconversion.

The clinics available for HIV positive men and women are currently very limited. USA, Cyprus, Mexico and South Africa all offer programs for couples where the female partner will be carrying the pregnancy herself.

For Surrogacy or Egg Donor Surrogacy, the USA and Mexico are able to accept HIV+ men with undetectable viral loads. Fresh sperm samples must be given at the clinic itself for washing and treatment and viral load will be re-checked at the time of leaving your deposit.

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