Egg Donor IVF

When an egg donor is required, you have the choice of a clinic donor, who is recruited directly by the clinic for their clients, or an Agency egg donor, who is able travel to your clinic of choice.

For affordability, a clinic donor is always less expensive. Clinics will usually have donors they’ve recruited directly for a set fee and perform all the required tests and screening themselves. Her medication is included in their costs.

Clinics are able to offer both new and proven donors. (A new donor is someone who has not previously donated eggs and therefore has no history to establish a pregnancy rate. A proven donor has had her own child/children or has had previous donor cycles, which resulted in confirmed pregnancies).

Depending on the laws of the clinic’s country, you may have a known donor or an unknown donor.

A known donor means you are able to choose from photos, have details of her personal and family history and may be permitted to know her name.

An unknown or Anonymous donor means that the clinic is legally unable to allow her identity to be known. They will match you with your photo or list of preferences (height, weight, hair, eye and skin colour). In some instances you’re also able to know her nationality and area of study/field of work.

An Agency donor can be selected from photos and you will often have a full profile to view her details and personal/family history. Depending on the agency, you may also have her name or be able to meet her. Occasionally you’re offered future contact if desired by your children.

Importantly, Intended Parents who wish to have the option of telling their child/children in the future about their genetic heritage, may wish to consider the information they will have to impart to their children.

Egg Donors are essential for single men and gay couples pursuing surrogacy.

IVF with Egg Donation is also recommended for women:

  • Whose ovaries do not produce eggs (early menopause, surgery, congenital disease, etc.)
  • Who have a high risk of passing on genetic disorders
  • With recurrent pregnancy loss due to chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Older women who have inadequately functioning ovaries.
  • Have had multiple IVF failures.
  • With inadequate response to ovulation induction.

After the eggs have been obtained, the role of the egg donor is complete. Sperm obtained from the recipient's partner/male intended parent is used to fertilize these eggs, after which embryos are transferred into the recipient woman's  or surrogate’s uterus.

Donor Selection and Screening

The donor will be screened according to regulatory guidelines of the clinic or by your clinic’s requirements if she is an agency donor.

The laboratory testing of all donors should include screening and testing for syphilis, hepatitis B and C, HIV, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. Donors should also have documentation of their blood type and Rh status. Genetic screening of donors is based on ethnicity but you are able to list the specific tests you require, especially if you or your partner carries a genetic condition.

The success rate of egg donation IVF differs depending upon age group and the individual clinic.

I prefer two Agencies who specialise in providing donors of all ethnicities, have well established and proven success rates, plus understand the need for future children to have a level of information provided regarding their biological heritage if requested.

The Agency donors are able to travel to multiple locations including:
USA, Mexico, Bahamas, Hawaii, Cyprus, Greece, India, Nepal, Eastern EU, Mauritius,

Agency Ethnicities include:
Eastern EU, Polish, Ukrainian, South African, American, Canadian, Caribbean, Indian, Nepalese, Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin American.

The cost of an Agency donor depends on where she is travelling from, and where the clinic you are having your cycle at is located. The price will include her agency fee for recruitment, her personal fee, screening tests, IVF medications, medical appointments, scans, flights/hotel/meals for her and her escort plus any visas if required.

A ballpark range is from 8,500 USD- 14,000 USD. I can be more specific if you let me know your requirements, plus provide access to their on-line databases.

For a clinic Egg donor IVF cycle, locations include:

India: From 4,200 USD- known donors
Cyprus: 4,500 Euro- Anonymous donors
Greece: 4800 Euro- Anonymous donors
Eastern EU: 8,500 USD- Known donors
Mexico: 8,700 USD- Anonymous donors
Argentina: 6,700 USD- Anonymous donors