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Surrogacy with own material/ Surrogacy with donor eggs/donor sperm

There are two options for Surrogacy with the birth in the US that I refer to:

1) With a US based agency, the entire cycle is coordinated for you with the availability of donors if required. Intented Parents are required to travel to North Cyprus for sperm deposit/egg retrieval. They have operated for 5 years and have over 50 births.

This option is with with an excellent Cyprus clinic. By flying the US surrogate to Cyprus for the transfer, IVF costs are significantly reduced and the center has a 75-80% success rate with ED Surrogacy. After transfer, the surrogate returns to the US for the pregnancy and birth.

The clinic has a broad range of egg donors available, primarily International University students and also has proven donors available. Donor sperm is available from the Danish Cryo Bank.

This option is advantageous for EU and other closely located Intended Parents not wishing to travel to the US for the IVF, and also for a more cost effective surrogacy cyle.

Costs: $65,000- $70,000 USD.

2) A Washington based agency that has helped close to 200 couples and has 110 births to date. They work with numerous clinics US wide and can coordinate the entire process, contracts and legals in your home state or with IP's from abroad, at their chosen clinic. Donor Eggs or Donor sperm is also available if required.

Costs: $75,000-$90,000 USD.

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