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  • Surrogacy with Donor Eggs
  • Microepididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA), PESA,TESE
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Georgia offers legal surrogacy with the rights of the Intended Parents protected by law. IP's must be married and heterosexual.

Intended Parents are given access to an online donor database that enables you to view profiles with photographs and make an informed decision about your donor. Donors and surrogates are screened according to age, genetics and lifestyle as well as mental and physical health.

Both surrogates and egg donors are able to travel to clinics in multiple countries, visa permitting.

I have referred Intended Parents to this program for over 6 years for both Surrogacy and ED IVF.

Pregnancy success rates
Success rates are dependant on age and individual factors. Donor Egg IVF success rates are currently 50%, Surrogacy and Donor eggs using one surrogate 50-60%, Surrogacy with donor eggs using two surrogates 70-80%.

Previous referred parents who have achieved pregnancies or taken home their surrogacy babies are from Nationalities including USA, Australia, The UK, Ireland, EU inc Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Canada, USA, India, Israel and Turkey.

They are an affordable destination for surrogacy and the Intended Parent's names are on the birth certificate as the legal parents.
To meet the criteria of countries such as the UK, single surrogate's are available and DNA testing as requested.

Their egg donors are Caucasian and they offer photos with full profiles including family history, occupation/area of study, previous donor history if any and physical details.

Fees in USD:

IVF with known Egg Donor $8,550 

Surrogacy $29,550 *not including your own medications

Surrogacy with an egg donor $34,900 


Please feel free to request itemised pricelists, Schedule of payments and access codes to the database