About Me

I have coordinated IVF, Egg Donor and Surrogacy cycles at selected clinics worldwide for over seven years. Including India, Cyprus, Greece, Eastern Europe, Nepal, Asia, South Africa, Turkey, Colombia, USA, Argentina and Mexico (depending on the programs each country is able to legally offer).

My aim is to offer Intended Parents what I believe to be the very best choices available. Clinics that operate with transparency, that have proven high success rates and affordable costs. The clinics I recommend I have usually visited, met with the staff, researched thoroughly and would not hesitate to proceed with myself.
With a personal history of miscarriage and stillbirth, I found no clear information to enable me to find viable alternative options out there and no reliable source to know which clinics really lived up to their success rates. So, I began my own research, which led me to helping other Intended Parents to find a solution for themselves. What I found is that there are some great, average and utterly below average clinics out there.

I have been approached to refer parents to very well known clinics and equally to those that were unknown. I have travelled to meet with staff, checked success rates, feedback and monitored birth rates. Therefore the clinics I recommend are those who have proven themselves, repeatedly, to offer the highest chance of success, with a personal level of care.

The majority of these clinics are very affordable yet offer the technology, standards and success rates equal to, or above, those of anywhere in the world.
Possibly the most difficult aspect of finding a clinic is to know who you are dealing with, how successful they really are and how much it is actually going to cost in total.
My role is to supply information to help you decide on the right clinic for you, help coordinate your cycle if requested, assist both you and the Doctor to gather the required test results and be available to answer your questions, any time.
In addition, many of my previous Intended Parents who now have their babies are available to discuss their experience with you, and are happy to be in email contact.
You are not charged any additional fees for me to assist you and the price-lists for the clinics I forward to you are their costs alone.
I look forward to hearing from you,

Janine Oakman

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage in using your service?

Well, the clinic costs are the same, regardless of whether you use my assistance.
However, my role is to supply as much information as possible to help you decide on the right clinic for you and to help coordinate your cycle if requested. There might be questions you’re not comfortable asking the clinic directly or you may just want clear and honest answers as to the pros and cons of each location. I’m available to answer your questions, by phone or email, any time.
I also specialise in coordinating multiple clinics and donor agencies to tailor make a solution when needed. So if you required a donor from one location to travel to a clinic in a second location and/or a surrogate from a third location, I’m able to organise this very simply and coordinate the individual providers directly.

Why do the clinics want you to assist their patients?

Clinics have a huge number of enquiries from all over the world, so there can be a delay in timely responses. Also, the Doctor’s/clinic’s focus is on the actual cycle itself. They are usually not able to assist with the necessary legalities, visas or travel etc. Therefore it is far easier for the Doctor to have an experienced coordinator who knows their specific process to communicate with both of you, gather the required test results, answer questions, locate donors if needed and ensure a smoothly organised cycle.

How do you get paid if it doesn’t cost us anything?

Clinics routinely pay a referral fee to other Doctors and Specialists. Your costs don’t alter regardless of whether you’re referred and have assistance, or if you go to the clinic directly by yourself. By using my service, the clinic saves on the expense of hiring full time program coordinators and is able to utilise the help I provide for their patients.

What if we need to know the legalities of proceeding in a certain country and if they conflict with the laws in our own country?

I can advise on both and if needed, I can also refer you to legal representatives that other parents have used.

Can you help us with Hotels, Visas and flight costs?

Yes, I can help you with visa requirements or arrange for documentation to assist you.  There can be a huge difference in flight and accommodation costs, so there are several discount websites I suggest and a variety of accommodation options for those on a budget.

We’ve never traveled abroad before, how do we know what to expect?

I’ve been to all the clinics I recommend myself and have met with the staff, so I know exactly where you’ll be going and the best way to travel there. I can also advise you on anything else you might need to know, from exchanging currency to ATM access, hotels, taxi costs, the distance and location of the clinic and any other tips you think you might need.

Can we call you or do we use email?

You can absolutely call me on the numbers listed or via skype. If you prefer to email me, that’s fine too.

Do we send any clinic/agency payments to you directly?

No, never. Beware of agencies or medical tourism companies that ask you to do so. You may be paying additional fees above those of the clinics costs and you have no guarantee that those payments reach the clinic. It’s also unnecessary to pay any fees to an IVF travel coordinator when you can have the same assistance for free.